What is the Pay Gap Store?

The gender pay gap refers to the average difference in pay between men and women. American women still earn on average just 82 cents on the dollar earned by American men. The pay gap between different social groups then becomes even larger when you factor in race/ethnicity. 

The federal Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 together sought to end pay discrimination. Yet here we still are – nearly 60 years later. It hasn’t been until the last couple of years that federal and local legislators have sought to strengthen the federal equal pay laws in important ways. 

The world’s first Pay Gap Store is our way of doing our own small bit for the cause of equal pay by helping to highlight the persistence of large gender and race/ethnicity pay gaps – since we, Trusaic, are leading providers of equal pay compliance software. 

So, if you belong to a gender and race/ethnicity group that on average has a pay advantage, then our Pay Gap Store invites you to pay more, in proportion to that pay advantage. And vice-versa – if you belong to a group that on average earns less, we invite you to pay less by the proportionate amount. 

In some ways, it’s like a carbon offset scheme, which lets people make up for their use of carbon/CO2 by funding an equivalent saving in CO2 elsewhere. You might call our Pay Gap Store the world’s first Pay Gap Offset Scheme. 

Whether you’re new to pay equity or a veteran of the fight, our new Pay Gap Store is here to raise awareness of an important social problem. 

For more information on pay equity, and how to tackle one of society’s most persistent challenges, visit trusaic.com/payparity.